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How to Adapt Your Website's SEO Strategy

Google has been updating and changing its algorithms for a few years now and webmasters need to keep up with the changes in order to climb the ranks of the Search Engine Ratings Pages (SERPS). Google is constantly (it seems) seeking to provide relevant, high quality content to its users in order to maintain its market share in the search engine scene.
For more than ten years, links and anchor text were integral to SEO, but this is no longer the case. Now webmasters should not solicit links, and any links should be relevant to high quality content, which is crucial to a site's success, or lack of it, in rising up the SERPS. The key words these days are repute and trust.
There are two new words in SEO which Google introduced in 2013; these are co-concurrence and co-citation. Let's take a look at what they mean and what they imply for webmasters.
Keywords, those all-important means of finding the article or site you are specifically looking for should not just be listed at the foot of an article, but they should lie within, or very close to, a link. Articles should never be over-stuffed with key words, as the emphasis is on making the content read fluently. If keywords play too much of a role in a text, the fluency is often lost.
This term refers to being mentioned in the same sentence, or at least on the same page as a website which has a very good reputation, and authority on the topic or brand, for example, that you are writing about. In the past Google has penalized people who have actively sought inbound links from other website; now you have to cite a reputed site, for instance, instead of using a link. It isn't simply that quality content is king, but that articles and other texts have references to others with a solid reputation in the same field.
Bad Links a Problem?
Webmasters have been plagued with the fear of having bad links which Google has said it will penalize for some time. Google has been sending out mixed messages about these, as it has, on the one hand, given webmasters the Disavow Links Tool, which serv

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